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Living with Kidney Disease

Top 10 Tips for Living Well with CKD

  1. Learn it and live it. Learn all you can about CKD then live the type of lifestyle that will promote optimum health and wellness.
  2. Have faith in yourself. Having CKD is a challenge, but believing in yourself can help you to prevail. You can do this!
  3. Be your own best advocate. Being well-informed will help you to lobby and fight for the treatments that are in your best interest.
  4. Keep tabs on your tests. Because CKD is a progressive illness, you must monitor your symptoms on an ongoing basis and be up-to-date on all test results. That way you can match treatment and lifestyle options with your symptoms and stages.
  5. Be proactive, take control. If you are considering a transplant, conduct research and contact a transplant center. In addition, follow your doctor’s recommendations along the way.
  6. Develop strong relationships. Take time to build a connection with all of the members of you health care team. This will help you to have in-depth conversations and to ask tough questions. Also be sure to nurture your personal relationships and create a solid support network of friends and family.
  7. Exercise and eat right. In addition to taking your medications or managing a treatment regiment, you must make daily exercise and healthy eating a top priority. Otherwise, you risk becoming sicker, faster.
  8. Recognize that work is good for you. If you have job, or if you spend your time volunteering, realize that having an outlet that enables you to feel competent and productive is positive for your total well-being. Of course, you may need to consider a reduced schedule or part-time work, but continuing your work schedule should help you stay connected and add to your quality of life.
  9. Make a plan. Since CKD is a chronic health issue, you need a plan that looks ahead, 3, 5, 7 years in the future. Know your treatment options and contemplate which ones will suit you best. Take time to consider what options you want to pursue if your condition worsens or your symptoms change.
  10. Make it a priority to enjoy each day. Taking control of your health will enable you to feel your best. Recognize that feeling strong and well is what will allow you to do the activities that you enjoy most. So each day, make sure you take time to do just that!

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